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Global Atomic Quiz 2022

Test your nuclear acumen and get a chance to win a special prize! Find out some extraordinary facts about nuclear science, real-world technologies and beyond.

Winners will
be announced soon

The competition is over!
Stay tuned for Global Atomic Quiz 2023!

The competition is over! Stay tuned for Global Atomic Quiz 2023!

Here are the winners of Global Atomic Quiz 2022!



Global Atomic Quiz is a one-day international initiative launched to celebrate World Science Day! To have a bit of nerdy fun on this special occasion, we wanted to challenge you to learn some extraordinary facts about nuclear science – after all, it is all around us – in our homes, in technologies we use, out in nature, and even in outer space, playing a significant role in the life of our Universe.

Who is more radioactive – men or women? Are there batteries that can last for decades? What is ‘rest energy’? How much CO2 emissions does nuclear energy prevent? And why are small nuclear reactors becoming a big thing? Expect the most unexpected questions (about physics, atomic and space technologies, natural sciences), and groundbreaking answers!

If having doubts, go check your knowledge by taking the questions of the Global Atomic Quiz 2021 first. Just change the year in the upper right corner and go for it!



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Take the quiz of 20 questions and learn something new about nuclear world. Keep an eye on the clock! Your overall performance will depend on both – your score and speed – how correct and fast you respond to each question.


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Top-100 participants with the highest scores will become the contest winners! They will be awarded a set of prizes created specifically for the project. Follow the updates – the winners ranking will be available on the website by November 17.


The winners will receive a set of original gifts:


NUCLEUS – everyone’s favorite card matching board game but with a unique nuclear flavor. Hint: be the first to get rid of all cards in your hands and you win.


Notebook with AI-generated cover.

Mood of the Day calendar

Fun and whimsical Mood of the Day calendar.

Tote bag

Recycled-fabric tote bag.

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